What does G.A.I.N. Stand for?

G.A.I.N. Will always and forever stand for “Get After It Now” but we believe in 3 principles that when executed will render anyone successful. While goal setting usually works best with a bit of realistic thinking our principles FortitudeDiligence, and Obedience help light the path towards your success.

Why did we choose those 3 words as principles?

We chose our principles in a progressive order. We were very purposeful in our intent. Fortitude was chosen first because it means “courage in pain or adversity.” To start any journey you must display the qualities of courage in the face of adversity. When making a change in your life or chasing a dream you must be courageous to put all doubt and fear to rest no matter the circumstance.

Diligence was chosen next for two reasons. In Proverbs 10:4 it reads “A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich”, rich being used as a measure of success not currency accumulation. The definition of Diligence is “care and persistent work.” Once you’ve displayed your courage in Fortitude we believe you will need to display your persistence and care in your works through Diligence to maximize all opportunity in your aspirations. 

Lastly, but possibly the most important, Obedience. This is important because no matter how courageous and persistent you are if you don’t stay the course you will lose sight and track of where you’re headed. The fastest way to get somewhere will always be a straight line. When you lack Obedience on your journey to success you find yourself taking unnecessary detours that hinder your process. We believe to have all three of these principles will move you forward, bringing reality to your dreams. However, to have any without the other may only further hinder your movement.

Why the Atom?

We chose to use an Atom in our design because science is very important when considering motivation. There is a science to motivating some one in the proper way to give them the confidence needed to pursue their dreams. The Atom is also relative to us using the periodic table of elements to shape our logo and motto The Science to success.” An Atom is also the basic building block of everything in life. We want G.A.I.N. to be the basic building blocks to your success.