The “It” in Get After It Now focuses on inspiring all who aspire to obtain. It matters not what you intend to obtain. We want to inspire you to get it. Through our philosophy and very intentful practice we believe all is possible and all can be conquered. Even in the face of adversity you should make no excuses just adjustments adapt and conquer.

Through our social outreach programs, we intend to empower. The definition of empower is to give someone the authority or power to do something. We empower young and old throughout communities from our give back initiatives. In the recent past we’ve done multiple book bag drives. We look to do turkey and toy drives in the near future.

At Get After It Now we seek to motivate everyone. We want people to push themselves to be their very best. In G.A.I.N. there is no room for mediocrity. The moment you choose to live the Get After It Now Culture lifestyle you become a growth mindset individual where we focus on how our actions help us grow. We seek to motivate positive growth helping you reach your level of success. We do this through our inspirational messages, clothing, and accessories.